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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


"Dreaming" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Heaven Keeps Me

Heaven keeps me now....
    but the sun is my hug;
        my warmth touching you,
    and the light is my smile,
        bright and glowing around you,
    and the breeze is my whisper,
        surrounding you in prayers.
    The clouds hold my tears,
        dripping down on you.

And while Heaven keeps me....
    The moon is my heart,
        waning and waxing over you,
    and the stars are my memories,
        shinning distantly for you.
    The night holds my thoughts
        of how I have loved you.

Though Heaven keeps me....
    When you dream, I am with you,
        lying there beside you,
        two worlds merging into one.
    for you are my love,
        holding me safe inside you,
        til this earth sets us free,
    and Heaven keeps us both.

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