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Thursday, May 18, 2017

In the Garden

"Harmony" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

In the Garden (by Atlanta Marie Carrera)

In the garden,
once the rain is gone,
I feel the gentle breeze,
drying up my tears,
Innocence retained.

In the garden,
as dawn breaks into day,
I watch the flowers bloom,
the fresh scents overtake,
Radiance remains.

In the garden,
when I close my eyes,
I hear the children laugh,
playing at their games,
Joy regains.

In the garden,
a taste of bittersweet
still lingers in my mind.
The butterflies take flight,
and Love sustains.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Festival of Angels - Post Cards and Note Cards Now Available at the Festival of Trees at Cameron Art Museum

"Festival of Angels"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera
God sends Angels
 down from Heaven
    faithfully by your side.

Angel's whisper
 words from loved ones
    always by your side.

Healing touches
 brush your shoulder
    Angels by your side.

Time stands still
 when you're praying
    The Lord is by your side.

Can you
  Feel the

      Power of The Lord?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Butterfly Wings

"Butterfly Wings" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
Angel's Wings

With Angel's wings
you are set free.
Your soul released
and now at peace.

See how you soar.
Bright colors shine.
New life is born
and filled with love.

Gently you go
on silent wings.
New hope surrounds
and lifts us up.

(written for Hospice butterfly release)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Heart of the Butterfly


"Heart of the Butterfly" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
Hearts in the Garden

I leave you my heart.
Take care of my love.
I’ve planted it here,
in the garden, to grow.
On butterfly wings,
my heart now soars
to skies up above,
my heart in the clouds.
Love flows through my heart
like wind in the leaves.
My heart is a fountain
outpouring with love.

Build on my strength
use my heart as a brick.
A promise of love,
my heart written in stone.
Like a mirror reflecting
you see my heart in the stream.
It is filled with my love
and given to you.
Find my heart in the garden.
Show the world what you see.
Share the love that I gave you.
That’s how you send it to me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Angels in the Garden

"Angels in the Garden" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
Angels near you, all the time.
Angels in the Garden.

Turtle, Turtle with a tree,
an Angel in the leaves you’ll see.

Look upon the turtle shell,
an Angel’s hiding there as well.

In the tile, I’m shining bright.
Look for me; I’m on the right.

Have a seat and sit with me.
I’ll be beside you, at your knee.

Along the path where you might walk,
I’m standing near and hear you talk.

You’ll find me swimming in the stream.
A rock or pebble, I will seem.

When you look up, I’m singing loud,
high above upon a cloud.

Always there, I’m at your side
Angels in the Garden.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birth of an Angel

"Birth of an Angel" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
Gently He comes,
surrounding you with love,
filling you with spirit.

Glory follows Him,
lifting your soul toward Heaven
to where there is no end.

Floating effortlessly,
on hidden wings,
painless and strong.

The light within set free,
Brilliantly radiating,
with peace and joy.

Another of God’s Angels
born from the faithful,
to serve the risen Lord.

At Peace

"At Peace" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
I talk to you softly

I talk to you softly, when no one’s around,
Past a quiet lake, near the old oak trees.

I tell you my thoughts, that no one else knows.
I tell you my feelings, that I never let show.

I tell you my joys, so you won’t worry about me.
I tell you my sorrows, because you comfort me.

I tell you ordinary things that happen each day,
so you won’t miss out while you’ve been away.

I tell you my worries, my dreams and my fears,
and I give you myself, as I have always done.

You fill me with peace; You fill me with grace,
as I talk to you softly, and pray that you hear me.

Angel's Prayer

"Angel's Prayer" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

My Candle Prayer

Keep him safely by your side
so he feels your love.
Fill him with the light
of your everlasting spirit.
Teach him to be
an angel in your service,
sharing your peace
with those he touches.


"Angels" by Atlanta Marie Carrera


You walk with Angels

You walk with Angels
where I can’t go,
but I hear you singing,
and it brings me joy.

The Angels love you,
they always have,
and I can feel your laughter,
and it makes me smile.

The gifts they bring me
like your perfume
are a love surrounding
that comforts me.

I carry you with me
wherever I go
and the angels guide me
with memories from you.

You will never leave me
even though
you walk with Angels
where I can’t go.


"Dreaming" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Heaven Keeps Me

Heaven keeps me now....
    but the sun is my hug;
        my warmth touching you,
    and the light is my smile,
        bright and glowing around you,
    and the breeze is my whisper,
        surrounding you in prayers.
    The clouds hold my tears,
        dripping down on you.

And while Heaven keeps me....
    The moon is my heart,
        waning and waxing over you,
    and the stars are my memories,
        shinning distantly for you.
    The night holds my thoughts
        of how I have loved you.

Though Heaven keeps me....
    When you dream, I am with you,
        lying there beside you,
        two worlds merging into one.
    for you are my love,
        holding me safe inside you,
        til this earth sets us free,
    and Heaven keeps us both.

A Flower's Bloom

"A Flower's Bloom" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

A Flower's Bloom

A flower blooms but once and then is gone,
but for those who have truly experienced its beauty,
it forever remains within us.